Dr. Matt Chinn
Medical Director

Our EMS division is run under the direction and supervision of Dr. Matt Chinn from Froedtert Hospital (Moorland Reserve). Dr. Chinn is an Assistant Professor in the Section of EMS and Disaster Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston and completed an Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He also completed a fellowship in Emergency Medical Services at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He began his medical career in college as an EMT with Texas A&M University Emergency Medical Services. 

Throughout his career he has served as an assistant medical director for several fire departments and as a flight physician and assistant medical director for a flight program. Dr. Chinn has also previously served as a physician for a police SWAT team. He practices emergency medicine at both Froedtert Hospital and the Moorland Reserve Emergency Department.

Outside of work, he can be found spending family time with his wife, two small children, and dogs.


Chief Martin (Marty) Rukavina

Assistant Chief Mike Wojnowski

Assistant Chief Matt Pinsoneault

Captain - Brandon Wojnowski

Captain - Scott Salentine 

Captain - Adam Wojnowski

Captain - Mike Schmitt

Captain - John Ludwig

Captain - Mike Ludwig

Lieutenant - Lazo Atjila

Lieutenant - Brandon Boettcher

Lieutenant - Jason Ciula

Lieutenant - Jeff Shelton

Lieutenant - Roger Moran

Lieutenant - Sasha Aleksich

Lieutenant - Chad Bullis

Lieutenant - Alex Jaworski

Lieutenant - Jim Abramczyk

Lieutenant - Jay Richards


AJ Abramczyk - Firefighter

Erin Beaster - EMT

Steve Bergerson - Firefighter/EMT

Cody Delikat - Firefighter

Alex Eversum - Firefighter/Paramedic

Roger Guhr - Firefighter

Ron Guhr - Firefighter

Michelle Hackett - RN
Doug Hittle - Firefighter

Ronald Kaebisch - Firefighter

Thomas Kasian - Firefighter

Mark King - Firefighter

Ryan Kopp - Firefighter /EMT

Mark Ksobiech Sr. - Firefighter

Kathy Ledoux - Firefighter/MPO/RN

Tom Ludwig - Firefighter

William Ludwig - Firefighter

Nathan Mayer - Firefighter/EMT

Nicky Martin - EMT

Greg Mecha - Firefighter/EMT

Robert Miller - Firefighter/EMT

John Mooney - Special Projects Director

Tyler Davidson - Firefighter / Probationary
Tyler Salentine - Firefighter/Paramedic

Rick Schaber - Firefighter

Gil Schaefer - Fire Inspector

Robert Schaefer - Firefighter

Tony Schwegel - Firefighter/EMT

​Westin Smith - Firefighter

Lindsey Theel - Firefighter

Erik Treba - Firefighter/EMT-I

​​ Becky Varsos - Paramedic 

Brandon Wegner - Firefighter

Lauren Welch - Firefighter/Critical CCEMT-P

Jereme Welch - Firefighter

George Wolwark - Firefighter/EMT-I

Steve Bowmil - Firefighter/EMT-A

Steven Dibb - Firefighter

Zack Jansen - Firefighter

Zack Jansen - Firefighter

Matt Reher - Firefighter/RN

Tristan Siegfried - Firefighter

Colin Slattery - Probationary

Carl (Skip) Wojnowski - Firefighter/EMT
(Retired Chief)


Nick Neumiller - Cadet

Jake Evans - Cadet / Probationary

Brandon Glaeser - Cadet

Kyle Timmers - Cadet

Honorary Members

Joe Baginksi

Ron Boettcher

Angie Brindowski

Steve Busalacchi

Patrick Curley

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Steve Kersky

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