Fire Inspection Bureau

Mission Statement 
Our mission is to serve the community by protecting lives, reducing property loss, and minimizing the risk to life in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

The Fire Inspection Bureau of Tess Corners Fire Department is responsible for inspecting all of our 600 business twice a year. To keep not only the Businesses owner’s and their property’s safe but the public that patronize them as well. The Inspection Bureau has four Inspectors that strive to give the utmost to safety concerns to the public as well as enforcing fire codes and standards. .

Fire Inspectors Responsibilities 
The Fire Inspection Bureau is responsible for providing inspection services to the City of Muskego. These services include:

Pre-construction site plan review 
Construction final inspection 
Fire Code Enforcement 
Performing inspections for Fire Code compliance 
Issuing violations notices where appropriate 
Conducting re-inspections 
Handing citizens complaints regarding fire safety hazards 
Fire Safety Education

Mike Wojnowski

Tess Corners Fire Inspection Bureau 
W144 S6731 Tess Corners Dr 
Muskego, WI 53150

414-422-9733 office 
262-679-5613 fax 

Most Common Deficiencies Found During Fire Inspections 

Portable fire extinguishers must be certified and tag 
Emergency lighting system are to be maintained so that they work 
Missing or burned out light bulbs within “EXIT” signs 
Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems must be inspected every 6 to 12 months by  
         certified personal      
Extensions cords and multi-plug adaptors are prohibited 
There must be clearance of 30 inches between electrical panels and storage 
There is to be no storage of combustibles within 24 inches of ceiling or within 18
         inches of a sprinkler head    
Holes in walls and ceilings must be repaired 
Damage doors and their hardware must be repaired 
“EXIT” hallways, stairwells and doors must be kept free of obstruction 
Fire Alarm Panels, Fire Sprinklers and Standpipe Connections as well as Fire
        Sprinkler Valves must be accessible at all times 
•       Outside Fire Department Sprinkler Connections and Fire Lanes must be kept free of
Combustible storage needs to be kept out of the boiler, electrical, furnace, elevator
         and laundry rooms 
Knox box installed 

The list only identifies common problems found during Fire Inspections. If a business or property owner complies with the items listed above, they will be taking a large step towards having an inspection with no deficiencies.